13 Reasons Why PDF | Thirteen Reasons why PDF

13 Reasons Why PDF | Thirteen Reasons why PDF

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Book Description

Thirteen reasons why’ is a poignant story of love and uncertainty that is surely going to have a deep impact on the reader. The inspiration for the book came to the author from his personal experience with an audio guide in the museum which he had visited during his high school days. The intent of the book is beautifully summarized in these lines,
You can’t stop the future, you can’t rewind the past,” the only way to learn the secret is to press play”.

Thirteen reasons why is a moving story of Hannah Baker who commits suicide at a very young age and records the thirteen reasons why she committed suicide on an audio tape. This audio tape comes to clay Jensen, Hannah’s classmate and her secret crush. And the
reasons that Hannah narrates in the audio tape changes Clay’s life forever.
He listens to those thirteen reason to unravel that he was a part of the cause as well. As he moves from place to place with Hannah’s record playing, he comes closer to knowing Hannah, her pain and her experience. In this journey of discovering Hannah, he discovers himself.

He find out the truth about himself, a fact which he would have preferred to remain ignorant about. The reader have to find out for themselves the thirteen reasons why Hannah committed suicide. This discovery will unwind some bitter truths about moral value, peer pressure, the strain in friendship and how everything culminated as the succumbed to suicide. It is a heart warming story about depression, dark secret and repercussion of an over – burdened heart and the ill – effect of having an inability to speak up.

13 reasons why pdf

About the author

Jay Asher is an American young adult fiction writer. Apart from ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, he has also co – written,
‘ The future of Us’ with Carolyn Maker. His skilful narrating capacity and ability to keep the readers engrossed helped ‘Thirteen Reasons Why‘ to get many awards and plaudits.

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A dizzaying ride of suspense and revelation
– Kathryn Hughes Guardian

A stealthy hit with staying power…
thriller – like pacing
– New York Tims )

Thirteen Reasons Why PDF is a mystery, eulogy, and ceremony. I know, in the years to come, I will often return to this book ( Alexis Sherman, author of the award

Readers won’t be able to pull themselves away.
– (Publishers Weekly)

Small Summary about (Thirteen) 13 Reason Why pdf book

Thirteen Reasons Why PDF (Spinebreakers)

A Shoebox – sized packed is propped against the front door at an angle. Our front door has a tiny slot to shove mail through, but anything thicker than a bar of soap gets left outside. A hurried scribble on clay Jensen, so I pick it up and head inside.

I take the package into the kitchen and set it on the counter. I slide open the junk drawer and pull out a pair of scissor. Then i run a scissor blade around the packages and lift off its top. Inside the shoebox is a rolled-up tube of bubble- wrap. I unroll that and discover seven loose audiotapes.

Each taps has a dark blue number painted in the upper right – hand corner, possibly with nail polish. Each side has its own number. One and two on the first tape, three and four on the next, five and six, and so on. The last tape has a thriteen on one side, but nothing on the back.

Who would send me a shoebox full of audiotapes ? No one listens to tapes any more. Do I even have a way to play them?

The garage! The stereo on the workbench. My dad bought it at a yard sale for alomst nothings. It’s old, so he doesn’t care if it gets coated with sawdust or splattered with paint. And best of all, it plays tapes.

I drag a stool in front of the workbench drop my backpack to the floor, then sit down. I press eject on the player. A plastic door eases open and I slide in the first tape.


Book’s Name 13 Reasons Why | Thirteen Reasons Why
Author : Jay Asher
Original language : English
Size Of PDF : 1.3 MB
Number of Pages : 242 Pages



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