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Player’s Handbook PDF : In this article i am going to share PDF of a famous sourcebook of d&d named player’s handbook.
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What is Player’s Handbook?

The Players Handbook describes a step-by-step process of character creation. Player’s Handbook is a book of rules for the fantasy role-playing game dungeons & dragons (d&d).

What is D&D

The Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying game is about storytelling in worlds of swords and sorcery. It shares elements with childhood games of make-believe. Like those games, D&D is driven by imagination.
It’s about picturing the towering castle beneath the stormy night sky and imagining how a fantasy adventurer might react to the challenges that scene presents.

Overview of Player’s Handbook

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook PDF is essential sourcebook for every d&d players. It contains rules for character creation and advancement, backgrounds and skills, exploration and combat, equipment, spells, and much more.

Use this book to create heroic characters for the world’s greatest roleplaying from among the most iconic D&D races and classes. player needs to create game.

Public Reviews of Player’s Handbook

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Contents Contains in Player’s Handbook

Chapter 1: Step-by-Step Characters
Chapter 2: Races
Chapter 3: Classes
Chapter 4: Personality and Background
Chapter 5: Equipments
Chapter 6: Customization Options
Chapter 7: Using Ability Score
Chapter 8: Adventuring
Chapter 9: Combat
Chapter 10: Spellcasting

Using This Book

The Player’s Handbook is divided into three parts.

Part 1 is about creating a character, providing the rules and guidance you need to make the character you’ll play in the game.

It includes information on the various races, classes, backgrounds, equipment, and other customization options that you can choose from.

Many of the rules in part 1 rely on material in parts 2 and 3.

If you com e across a game concept in part 1 that you don’t understand, consult the book ’s index.

Part 2 details the rules of how to play the game, beyond the basics described in this introduction.

That part covers the kinds of die rolls you make to determine success or failure at the tasks your character attempts, and describes the three broad categories o f activity in the game: exploration, interaction, and combat.

Part 3 is all about magic. It covers the nature of magic in the worlds of D&D, the rules for spellcasting, and the huge variety o f spells available to magic-using characters (and monsters) in the game.

Player’s HandBook Details



Name On Cover : Player’s Handbook
Language : English
Author : Wizards RPG Team
Publication Date : June 1978(1st Edition), August 19, 2014 (5e)
Pages : 293
ISBN : 978-0786966592
Price on Amazon : Click here

Where Can I Buy It?

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Player’s Handbook PDF Details



Name On Cover : Player’s Handbook PDF
Language : English
Author : Wizards RPG Team
Publication Date : August 19, 2014
Pages : 293
Download Size: 63.30MB
Download : Click here

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