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Storm King’s Thunder PDF

Storm King’s Thunder PDF Download
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Heir to the Wyrmskull Throne, and indeed all of giant-kind, the storm giant Serissa stands amidst the clouds, in the shadow of her mighty father, King Hekaton. Her contentious elder siblings, Mirran and Nym, occupy the forefront of this tempestuous illustration by the esteemed Tyler Jacobson.
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adventure that pits heroes against giants bent on reshaping the world. Storm King’s Thunder is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure for four to six player characters. You can start the adventure with 1st-level characters or 5th-level characters. Either way, the characters should reach at least 11th level by the adventure’s conclusion. Because giants figure prominently in the story, at least one character should be able to speak and understand the Giant language. The adventure takes place in the Forgotten Realms, specifically in a region known as the Savage Frontier, in the northwest corner of the continent of Faerfin. Nonetheless, you can easily adapt the adventure to your home campaign by changing the names of various locations and factions.

Storm King's Thunder PDF

We recommend that you read the entire adventure before attempting to run it. This introduction begins with an “Adventure Background” section that summarizes the events that set the adventure in motion. The “Running the Adventure” section tells you everything you need to know to run the adventure smoothly. That section also presents guidelines for character level advancement, outlines the flow of the adventure, and describes its major challenges. Once you’ve reviewed this material and are ready to run the adventure, proceed with chapter 1, “A Great Upheaval,” if the characters are starting at 1st level, or chapter 2, “Rumblings,” if they are starting at 5th level.

Community Reviews on Goodreads

This is a very ambitious module, spanning a huge section of the Faerun coast, with tons of opportunities for side adventures and diversions, making it a difficult project to approach and to run as a DM. For all of that, I think it is the finest module yet produced for D&D 5e. For the first time, DMs and players are truly encouraged to become intimate with the setting, adventuring back across previously explored terrain, and bridging multiple sources flawlessly.
– Joshua Van Dereck

(Some spoilers ahead) Annam the All-Father, supreme god of the giant races, has done away with the ordning and the various giant races compete against each other in an attempt to raise their hierarchy status when the new ordning is enacted. This 1-10th level epic adventure allows the Player Characters (PC) to join in the drama, intervening in the machinations of the various giant factions and influencing future relations between giants and small-folk. If I could, I would probably give this 3.5 stars.
– Taddow

This is a wonderful, lengthy and open adventure, with many paths that can be taken. After playing and now reading this adventure, I can see many options that we took, and a lot of others that we did not, yet our whole campaign was filled with fun and intrigue.
– Chris Jackson


Chapter 1 : A Great Upheaval
Chapter 2 : Rumblings
Chapter 3 : The Savage Frontier
Chapter 4 : The Chosen PathCh.
Chapter 5 : Den of the Hill Giants
Chapter 6 : Canyon of the Stone Giants
Chapter 7 : Berg ofthe Frost Giants
Chapter 8 : Forge of the Fire Giants
Chapter 9 : Castle ofthe Cloud Giants
Chapter 10 : Hold ofthe Storm Giants
Chapter 11 : Caught in the Tentacles
Chapter 12 : Doom of the Desert

    – Appendix A: Linked Adventures
    – Appendix B: Magic Items
    – Appendix C: Creatures
    – Appendix D: Special NPCs.

d&d 5e storm king’s thunder pdf free download


Book’s Name : Storm King’s Thunder
Editor(S) : Jeremy Crawford, Kim Mohan, Michele Carter
Publisher : Wizards Of The Coast’s
Released : September 2016
Type : Adventure
Original language : English
Size Of PDF : 85.02MB
Number of Pages : 256 Pages




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    CHARACTER ADVANCEMENT / Storm King’s Thunder pdf

    Rather than have you track experience points, this adventure assumes that the characters gain levels by accomplishing certain goals. At the end of each chapter is a “Character Advancement” sidebar, which tells you the circumstances under which the characters advance in level. The adventure flowchart (figure 0.1) shows what level the characters are expected to be when they begin each chapter. Once they reach 9th level, they don’t advance to 10th level until they’ve completed the goals in both chapters 10 and 11. Of course, you can ignore these milestones and track
    XP as normal.


    HIS CHAPTER IS DESIGNED TO ADVANCE A party of 1st-level characters to 5th level. The characters gain levels by accomplishing various goals, which are summarized in the Character Advancement sidebar at the end of the chapter. If the characters are already 5th level, skip ahead to chapter 2, “Rumblings,” using the information in appendix A if the characters are transitioning from another published adventure to this one.

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