Unlock PDF : How to Remove Password From Locked PDF

By Jemmy | Last Updated: March 19, 2020

How to Unlock Locked PDF file : Howdy Guys! You are struggling to unlock a locked pdf? With the help of this post you can unlock any locked pdf.

In many cases People share password protected pdf files but they forget to give you password. Or if you have locked a pdf and Forget the password than this post will help you.

Here I have shared few easy steps by which you can unlock any locked PDF file with the help of Android Mobile and/Or PC.

How to Unlock PDF

The method I am going to share is very easy and you dont need a large software or Application any hacking knowledge to do this.

Just follow the steps given below.

What Is PDF?

Unlock pdf
As you know PDF is an type of documents file where we share documents and important notes in form of PDF. In PDF the quality of Document or Images stay same as original.

PDF files comes with .pdf file extension and this was discovered by Adobe Acrobat.

Why People Lock PDF files?

By seeing the popularity of PDF its company decided to add a new features on it, that was Password Protected PDF peoples here you can secure your important files from other peoples by putting a password on it.

When you try to download the bank statements through net banking, bank provides all the documents in PDF form with a password. This make your file safer.

When a person want to share a document file only with trusted people and also minimize the chance getting of leaked the file, he can put a password.

Similarly if you download you Aadhar Card related informations from Offical website of UDAI then they provide all the information in password protected pdf file.

How to Unlock the Locked PDF file?

There are lots of tools are available in market which helps to remove the password protected pdf’s Password.

If you are searching for this kind of tool? Here is the best tools and step by Step guide to use it.


Smallpdf.com is a all in one tool for pdf related problems. Here you will get lots of tool related to pdfs.

Unlocking Password From PDF is one of the list of all tools in this website. Here you will get PDF Compressor, PDF to Word, Word to PDF, PDF to Excel, Excel to PDF, PDF to jpeg, JPEG to PDF, locking PDF, PDF to PPT etc.

If you want to unlock your locked pdf using this tool, follow the steps given below.

1. First of all Make a separate folder in your PC or Mobile and Locked PDF there.

2. Visit SmallPDF.com

3. Here you’ll get lots of PDF related tools. Find Unlock PDF.

4. When you found this tool, Just click there.

5. A new window will open, and here you’ll have to upload the Locked/Password Protected PDF. Just upload by selecting the PDF from the location you have saved.

6. Click on Unlock PDF button. In few seconds of process. Tool will break the password of you PDF.

7. After successfully completed the process. You will find a button to download the new unlocked PDF.

In many Cases you will find this type of error : Many files we can unlock. This one we can’t, it is strongly encrypted. It would take 1.2 million years to remove the password.
If you have the password, it will take only seconds.

In this case you’ll have to use another tool like ilovepdf.com.

Here is the guide of using ilovePDF Android Tool.

iLovePDF Android App

1. Go to Google Play Store and Search ILovePDF

2. You will its Apps, Just download and install it.

3. Open App. Here again you will find many tools like Merge PDF, Split PDF, Compress PDF, Office to PDF, PDF to JPG, Image to PDF, Page Numbers, Watermark, Rotate PDF, Unlock, Protect PDF, PDF to Office, PDF Sign PDF, Organize PDF.
4. Click on Unlock PDF and you will a tool where you can upload the PDF.

5. Click on + icon to choose the pdf file.

6. Choose the pdf and click on Unlock. This tool will take few seconds to remove password and after that you can easily download the unlocked PDF file.

Last Word

Unlocking PDF tools are helpful if you are breaking own pdf’s password if you have forgotten. Dont use this tool to unlock someone else pdf, this can be a reason for putting his/her in a risk.

The method I have shared is only for educational purposes, you shouldn’t misuse this or you can try at own risk.

If you have any problem with the tools or steps? Drop you doubt in comment section.