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Where The Wild Things Are PDF : Where The Wild Things Are PDF free download.


This is an amazing book for all childrens, in this pdf book social emotional are completly defines.
Where The Wild Things Are is the heartwarming story of a young boy named Max and his adventures. The story is just 338 words long and despite its short length has gone on to win many accolades along the way.

The story begins when Max dresses up as a wolf and wreaks havoc in his own home. He is severely scolded by his mother and is sent back to his bedroom without supper. Max is dejected and upset and that is when he watches his bedroom undergo an astonishing transformation. He watches as his bedroom turns into a jungle and an ocean appears out of nowhere. Max sails into that ocean and reaches an island inhabited by nasty beasts simply called there make up the core of the story.

Where The Wild Things Are PDF


“Sendak is the daddy of them all when it comes to picture books – the words, the rhythm and the design are all wonderful.”
– S Magazine, Sunday Express

“The greatest picture book ever written
– Chris Riddell, Children’s LaureateGuardian

“The key to Sendark’s success and to the continuing hipness of his book, is that it’s hero is not a good child… the book is, in fact, extraordinarily childcentric, a book written for and about terrible infants, the kind of terrible infants that most children really are and that all adults remain much of the time.
– David Baddiel The Times

“This is my never-fail picture book. The text is very short, but utterly perfect, the illustration are tremendous.”
– Jacqueline Wilson

About the Author

Maurice Sendak is an American author and illustrator of children’s books. He achieved great recognition for Where the Wild Things are which he published in 1963. Besides that, he also wrote in the Night Kitchen and Outside Over There. He was the recipent of many literary awards including the Caldecott Medal, Hans Christian Andersen Award and the Astrid Lindgren Award. He was born to Jewish parents of Polish descent and was hugely affected by the Holocaust. He decided to become an illustrator after watching Walt Disney’s Fantasia as a twelve year old boy.

#Social-Emotional-Lessons in Where the Wild Things:

Theachers reading aloud this Caldecott Medal winning classic can talk with their students about this natural clash of feeling, asking if anyone has had two feelings at the same time, or if feelings ever change. What were those feeling? What helped change one feeling into another? In the story, what helped Max move from anger to calm? How did the monsters feel when Max told them he was leaving? How did they handle their feelings? Does it remind readers of the way Max behaved earlier in the story with his mother? How do you think Max’s mom felt after she sent him to his room?

Research shows that children’s social and acadmic success is dependent on such elements as emotion awareness and management. Planning, listening, paying attention, and language skills. Reading and discussing a book like Where the Wild Things Are blends these ingredients into a just-right soup of “good things to eat.” And as well as all the creativeity to develop the mind should work.


Book’s Name : Where The Wild Things Are
Edition : n/a
Author : Maurice Sendak
Original language : English
Publication date : April 9, 1963
Size Of PDF : 3.03 MB
Number of Pages : 40 Pages
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