500+ Cool Instagram Usernames Ideas For Girls and Boys

500+ Cool Instagram Usernames Ideas For Girls and Boys

A picture is incomplete without a good caption and suitable tags to go with it.

Wanna a Good Caption for a Photo to put in Instagram? A Good Caption can change your message or Post.

Putting a simple Image as Profile Picture with an Awesome caption Can change the whole Picture and Thinking.

People look at the photo first, then read the caption to understand the context behind it.

Here we have shared 500+ Awesome Captions you can find out below. As Cool Instagram Usernames We have listed Captions According to categories so you can Copy and Paste them according to your mood.

If you are Sad and wanna Sad Caption to Put along with your profile pic on Instagram. Then Jump to Sad Category Directly no need to scroll the whole page to find Sad Caption.

Likely If you are a Boy OR Girl, You can get Good Captions according to your Gender.

Why Use Caption?

A Good and Creative Caption is very important for every Instagram photo. Because it Can :

  • Decide the thinking of Images.
  • Describe more about your post.
  • Describe What your posting.
  • Describe Why you are posting this.
  • Describe more meanings of the Photo.
  • Change the Mood of readers.
  • Be used to troll someone by without saying directly.

How to get ideas for Perfect Instagram Captions

Follow this strategy to get Instagram Caption Ideas by own thinking.

1. Be a StoryTeller: A good caption describes a picture in its own lyrics. As a storyteller, you need to complement a photo with a caption that justifies the picture in a few words.

2. Collect Information of Pictures : The picture you are going to post is telling a story about it. You have to feel When, Why and Where this photo is captured.

This will takes times to get perfect captions OR Extract Captions from Images but you can do it if you go with its history and Motives.

3. Think outside of Box: You can get many ideas about Caption. Just think outside of box.

Good Instagram Caption for Photos

As I have mentioned above that I will Provide captions according to Categories. This will be easier to find category-based Captions. So lets start reading and Copy pasting..

Best Instagram Caption

  1. Life goes on, with or without you.
  2. Forgive, yes. Forget, never.
  3. I don’t need any part-time people in my life.
  4. Thick thighs and pretty eyes.
  5. Be a Warrior, not a Worrier.
  6. Rolling with the homies.
  7. Watch more sunsets than Netflix.
  8. Hey, I just met you, this is crazy.
  9. Life is like a balloon..If you never let go, you will not know how high can you rise.
  10. When your mom lectures you about how you need to lose weight for an hour and you’re like ‘shit I don’t care I have got a skinny mirror to make me look good’!
  11. A friend will always make you Smile, especially when you don’t want to…
  12. Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.
  13. I woke up like this.
  14. Keep smiling because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about
  15. With You, I forget all my problems. With You, Time Stands Still.
  16. You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions.
  17. This is the most magical pic of your life.
  18. I myself never feel that I’m sexy. If people call me cute, I am happier.
  19. Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary
  20. 50% Savage. 50% Sweetness.
  21. Trying to forget it but the memories are too strong.
  22. Being single is smarter than being in the wrong relationship.
  23. Being single is smarter than being in the wrong relationship.
  24. This is the most magical pic of your life.
  25. Keep smiling because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about
  26. Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary
  27. Trying to forget it but the memories are too strong.
  28. No point in holding onto what’s broken, so let’s live in the moment. When one door closes, another one opens. Stop trying to control it and start living in the moment
  29. Feeling like a boss, and staring at the stars, it doesn’t matter the cost, ’cause everybody wants to be famous
  30. I never make the same mistake twice. I make it like five or six times, you know, just to be sure.”
  31. Cute as a button, but not quite as smart
  32. Sometimes, someone comes into your life so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise, and changes your life forever.
  33. You do the most adorable things without realizing
  34. Seize the moment, ‘cause tomorrow you might be dead.
  35. DRESS how you want to be ADDRESSED.
  36. Tell me not to do something and I will do it twice and take pictures.
  37. My mood depends on how good my hair looks
  38. Friends are the family we chose
  39. When I drink alcohol, everyone says I’m an alcoholic. But, when I drink Fanta, no one says I’m fantastic.

Funny Instagram Captions

  1. Take my advice, I don’t use it.
  2. Life is like a Kodak film…it only develops in the dark…
  3. When nothing goes right, go left.
  4. People say short girls are cute😍😘 I say there are exceptions….😂
  5. Those who are praying for me, don’t stop it’s working!
  6. Teacher: How old is your father?
    Student: 6 years old.
    Teacher: How is that possible?
    Student: He only became a father when I was born. 😂🤣
  7. The human brain is amazing. It functions 24 hours a day from the time we were born and only stops when we take exams or are in love.
  8. There should be a 5-second rule for murder. You know, kill someone, take it back within 5 seconds and *BOOM* back to life. It would be a stress reducer.
  9. Me to people: I’m in my new car.. vroom vroom
    People: oooo cool wanna be friends.. from from
    Mom comes out: Get out of my car.. vroom vroom
    People: Never mind… froom froom 🤣🤣
  10. I believe in karma and God… They can pull off better plots of revenge than I can.
  11. What happens to nitrogen when the sun comes up? It becomes daytrogen.
  12. I really want to get a whole bunch of friends and play a huge game of hiding and seek in Walmart, and scream down the aisles “you can run, but you can’t hide!
  13. I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me. 🌝😂
  14. I Hate when I get up to do something, but I forget what, so I sit down, but then I remember.
  15. Can I have a Diet Coke, please? ” Server says, “Is Diet Pepsi OK?” I say, “Is monopoly money OK?
  16. Just remember things could be worse, you could have been born a Siamese twin about to go on a date with your gay brother and have only one butt.
  17. I am considering going into hibernation and sleeping until 2020 arrives. I need a comfy bed that will fit into a quiet cave somewhere in a warm climate.
  18. My biggest struggle is trying to decide if it’s too early for a beer or too late for a coffee. 🙄
  19. A cop pulled me over and told me “Papers”, so I said “Scissors, I win!” and drove off.
  20. You say, “Nothing’s impossible.” Well, have you tried to lick your elbow or staple jello to a tree?
  21. So, I was thinking, would the chemical composition of Holy Water be H2OMG?
  22. When life gives you lemons, put bombs in them and give them to little kids! ;D
  23. If someone looks blue it could mean they are sad or it could be your hands are too tight around their throat.
  24. ROSES 🌹Are RED, PIZZA 🍕 Sauce is too, I ordered a Large☘️And None of it’s for You😋
  25. In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight, to their advantage the fleas won’t bite them the lion feels alright.
  26. If someone calls you a bitch,take it as a compliment because a bitch is a female dog, dogs bark, barks on trees, trees are nature and nature’s beautiful!
  27. If it takes punches to knock the stupid out of people, for you I think, it will take a lot of punches.
  28. Lock your dog and your spouse in the truck of your car…wait 2 hours…open it and see which one is happy to see you! 🙂 That’s the one you should keep 🙂
  29. Just realized something: If winners never quit, and quitters never win, who’s the IDIOT that came up with the phrase: quit while you’re ahead?
  30. My bed is a magical place I suddenly remember everything I had to do.

Funniest Instagram Caption

Funniest Instagram Caption
  1. If I won the award for laziness, I would send somebody to pick it up for me
  2. 99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name.
  3. Sometimes the laugh is funnier than the joke itself.
  4. Checking the time on your phone twice because you forgot it the first time.
  5. Gravity is not responsible for people falling in love.
  6. Google + Wikipedia = Homework
  7. I love sleeping so much that it is the first thing I think about when I wake up.
  8. Roses are red. I’m going to bed.
  9. Sometimes behind a smile there’s a joke you will never understand.
  10. If I go to sleep at 6 in the morning, does it mean early or late?
  11. Seeing a spider in my room isn’t scary. It’s scary when it disappears.
  12. Genius does what it must, talent does what it can, and you had best do what you’re told.

Selfie Captions

  1. The best feeling in the world is when your son comes up to you and says, “Momma, I love you to the moon and back.” You know you done something right.
  2. Sometimes all you need to do is smile. 😁❤
  3. Life is a balancing act and I have the disadvantage of being severely unbalanced.
  4. Be happy in front of people who don’t like you “it kills them”.
  5. The sun rises and my selfie face rises with it, with an even more brightness than it got.
  6. When you think that a light is shining down upon you because you’re in heaven and you hear God’s voice calling out to you but the light is actually the sun and the voice is actually your Mom waking you up.
  7. The prettiest face on your screen right now but struggling with some morning blues!
  8. Good day goes with great smiles and charm.. So rise up to see a peace in you.
  9. I don’t usually take selfies, so why not? 🤷‍♂️
  10. Let sunlight do your make-up today!
  11. Smile …..the simplest language even a baby can understand…..:)
  12. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect. 🌹
  13. Good day goes with great smiles and charm.. So rise up to see a peace in you.
  14. Waking up this morning was an eye-opening experience.
  15. Be like the sunshine that lits up the soul, every morning without failure.
  16. I’m smiling the wicked smile, that alone should scare you!!
  17. I realised that life is just so much better in dreams, took this selfie, and now I’m just surer. 🙅
  18. Cause sometimes all you need is a selfie storm to brighten your day. 😅😊😋
  19. Free spirit and wild heart. 🖤💓
  20. Life is full of beauty and joy. Notice it. Smell the rain and feeling the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.
  21. Money spent can always be earned back, but the moment time is spent, it is gone forever…
  22. I spent the entire night casting spells to know the beauty behind this smile.
  23. Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.
  24. Create your own sunshine✨
  25. Don’t forget who you are, just be yourself and you’ll shine like a star, don’t let others take your style, do the things that make you smile!
  26. Never let the world change your smile, but let your smile change the world.
  27. I an not weird, I just fall outside your exceptionally narrow view of the world.
  28. Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.
  29. Somebody called me an “aunty” this morning and I don’t mind because aun-tea has ‘tea’ in it and chai is life! 😉
  30. In the morning, my eyes shine brighter than then sun. But the sun blushes more then me.

Cute Instagram Captions

  1. Made with love,” means I licked the spoon and kept using it.
  2. 1f you c4n r34d 7h15, you r34lly n33d 2 g37 l41d
  3. Dear Karma, I’ve got a list of people you have missed.
  4. Don’t break people’s hearts. They just have one. Instead, break their bones. They have 206.
  5. The only good thing happening in Autumn is nothing.
  6. I like people that protect their food like it would be their baby.
  7. Wishin’ that I was your bottle…So I could be close to your lips again” – Clean Bandit & Julia Michaels, “I Miss You”
  8. I’m getting kinda over this. I need a metamorphosis.
  9. You make me so happy, it turns back to sad” – Taylor Swift “Gorgeous
  10. Out in the club and I’m sipping’ that bub and you’re not gonna reach my telephone.”
  11. I prefer winter and fall when you feel the bone structure of the landscape. Something waits beneath it; the whole story doesn’t show.
  12. Leaves are falling. Autumn is calling.
  13. Let’s commit the perfect crime. I’ll steal your heart and you’ll steal mine.
  14. Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.
  15. Not trying stop-motion, just happy and retarded.
  16. When a girl is in love, you can see it in her smile. When a guy is in love, you can see it in his eyes.
  17. I actually wear glasses because I need them to see.
  18. I don’t always make sense, but when I do, I don’t.
  19. If you smile, every time his name pops up on your screen. You’re in love.
  20. Life isn’t perfect. But my Hair is!
  21. Cute but psycho, yet cute.
  22. I won’t cry for you. My mascara’s too expensive
  23. Being a girl is so expensive
  24. You are the risk I’ll always take.

Sassy Instagram Captions

  1. 50% Sassy. 50% Sweetheart. What comes out depends on you.

Photo Captions

Photo Captions
  1. Handle every situation like a dog. If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away
  2. Every day may not be good but there’s good in every day
  3. The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything.”
  4. When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.
  5. L.Y. First Love Yourself
  6. Seize the moment, ‘cause tomorrow you might be dead.
  7. There’s a million reasons why I should give you up. But the heart wants what it wants.” -Selena Gomez.
  8. Some of the best moments in your life are those you can’t tell anyone about.
  9. Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else.
  10. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
  11. I’m not gonna sugar coat the truth, I’m not Willy Wonka
  12. My life feels like a test, for which I skipped studying.
  13. Look for the magic in every moment
  14. You were my cup of tea a long time ago. But, now I’ve moved to champagne.
  15. 50% Sassy. 50% Sweetheart. What comes out depends on you.

Cool Instagram Captions

  1. Being cool is being your own self, not doing something that someone else is telling you to do.
  2. Nothing is cooler and more attractive than a big comeback, and that’ll be me.
  3. It is cool to be different and just be who you are and shock people in a good way.
  4. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not strong enough.
  5. Whatever you do in life, make sure it makes you happy.
  6. I wasn’t lucky, I deserved it.
  7. That moment when you realize your childhood is over.
  8. Weekend, please don’t leave me.
  9. Be who and what you want, period.
  10. Whatever you do in life, make sure it makes you happy.
  11. I’ll never try to fit in. I was born to STAND OUT.
  12. That moment when you realize your childhood is over.
  13. Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet. No one really knows how.
  14. I’m not lazy. I’m on energy-saving mode.
  15. “Be yourself; because an original is worth more than a copy.”
  16. You are either on my side, by my side, or in my fu*king way. Choose wisely.
  17. Being pissed off gets old. I’m just at a whole new ‘fuck it level.
  18. 5’2 my height but my attitude 6’1
  19. Don’t Study me. You won’t Graduate!
  20. Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.
  21. I don’t have an attitude problem, you have a perception problem
  22. Guess what Dragons are imaginations, orelse I would burn each one of you.
  23. For someone who claims to hate my guts, you sure think and talk about me a lot. How about you get a life and stop worrying about mine’

Clever Instagram Captions

  1. Stop looking for happiness in the same place you just lost it.
  2. Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about
  3. I must destroy you with hugs and kisses.
  4. Beauty is power, a smile is its sword.
  5. It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.
  6. Love can be unselfish, in the sense of being benevolent and generous, without being selfless.
  7. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not strong enough.
  8. I liked memes before they were on Instagram.
  9. Whatever you do in life, make sure it makes you happy
  10. Patience — what you have when there are too many witnesses.
  11. “Life is short.” False — it’s the longest thing you do
  12. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s the Clarendon filter
  13. The best times begin at the end of your comfort zone.
  14. The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.
  15. Seven billions smiles, and these are our favorite.
  16. You have stolen a pizza our hearts.

Instagram Captions For Girl

  1. Be you be gorgeous don’t let anyone’s comment to dim your sparkle at the end you are the one and only star of your life. ⭐️⭐️
  2. In the world full of barbie dolls
    be proud to be a panda. 🐼
  3. She says nothing when she wants to say everything.
  4. Put a smile on your lips instead of lipstick, you’ll look more beautiful.
  5. Your true colors show when you’re in the spotlight🤪❤
  6. You don’t know this new me, I put back my pieces differently.
  7. I’m not short, I’m just concentrated Awesome.
  8. Inhale Positivity, Exhale Anxiety.
  9. I’m not sorry for being me, take me as I am. If you don’t like what you see, then piss off!
  10. 50% angel plus 50% evil that’s me.
  11. That annoying moment when you take a selfie, and your hair looks perfect but your face looks horrific. 🤳
  12. Beautiful… intelligent… twisted… caring… handful. You’re right. I am a bi*ch.
  13. Don’t let someone dim your light, simply because it’s shining in their eyes.
  14. I myself never feel that I’m sexy. If people call me cute, I am happier.
  15. Life’s all about ‘Red lips and hair flips’ 💫
  16. Blooming, thriving, cooking, planting, stewing, moonsun, bathing.
  17. Having self-respect is the most beautiful quality a woman can possess.
  18. Red lipsticks and stilettos… We are ready to kick in the night. 😜🤩
  19. Be my only wish on a rainy day and I’ll fill
    you with sunshine. 💓
  20. Flip the hair like a lady boss is building her empire.🔥
  21. I am far from perfect, but I am perfectly fine with that!!!
  22. I’m a good person. But don’t give me a reason to show you my evil side.
  23. I like my coffee the way i like myself – Dark, Bitter and too hot for you.
  24. I’m a good person. But don’t give me a reason to show you my evil side.
  25. I am far from perfect, but I am perfectly fine with that!!!
  26. 🌟Sunshine mixed with Little Hurricane.💃
  27. I’m the type of girl who will smile and stay strong even though my whole world is crashing down around me.
  28. My hair is full of secrets.
  29. Walk like King,
    Talk like Queen,
    Style like Prince,
    and be a favorite like a princess. 💓

Instagram Caption For Boys

  1. I think we’ll be friends forever because we’re too lazy to find new friends.
  2. Fashion is about something that comes from within you.
  3. I am single because God is busy writing the best love story for me.
  4. My silence is my attitude.
  5. Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters.
  6. I am W.E.I.R.D Wonderful Exciting Interesting Real Different
  7. Besides gravity, nothing keeps me down.
  8. Don’t be the same, Be better!
  9. I take a lot of pride in being myself. I’m comfortable with who I am.
  10. Life is better when you’re laughing.
  11. Excuse me. I found something under my shoes oh it’s your Attitude.
  12. Never underestimate me because I am more than you think.
  13. I have a disease called AWESOMENESS.
  14. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
  15. Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
  16. I’m gonna make the rest of my life, the best of my life.
  17. If “plan A” didn’t work. The alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay Cool.
  18. I need someone who sees the fire in my eyes and wants to play with it.
  19. If you want to cry, use a tissue..not your status..!!
  20. The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.
  21. I am not an angry guy. It’s just the roles I do that impact my personality.
  22. There is my heart, and then there is you, and I’m not sure there is a difference.
  23. Your attitude may hurt me, but mine can even kill you.
  24. Beard under construction…
  25. I am not an angry guy. It’s just the roles I do that impact my personality.
  26. People say me bad, trust me i am the worst.

Sad Captions For Instagram

  1. sometimes, you expect a lot from someone because you would do that much for them
  2. nothing makes me happier, nothing makes me sadder than you
  3. staying in your comfort zone will not get you anywhere
  4. not just because it failed, it wasn’t loved maybe it was just not meant to be
  5. we are surrounded by so many different types of love – love from our friends and family, God’s love, and most importantly, self-love – but sadly, sometimes, we fail to see this.
  6. i’m willing to let you go if that’s what it takes to get you back
  7. how to fix someone else’s broken heart when i can’t even fix mine
  8. first love never dies. my feelings for you will never change.
  9. Life is full of misery loneliness and suffering and its all over much too soon.
  10. I want you to live without having to lie; loneliness is nothing to fret about.
  11. The hardest walk is walking alone but it’s also the walk that makes you the strongest.
  12. Real love is not an escape from loneliness, real love is an overflowing aloneness. One is so happy in being alone that one wud like to share.
  13. The awkward moment when you think you’re important to someone, and you’re not.
  14. People can fake their smiles but they can never know how to fake their tears and their feelings!
  15. the saddest people try their best to make people happy they know what its like to feel worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel that.
  16. I’m not afraid to love, I’m afraid of not being loved back.
  17. I just need someone to hug me and tell me they’ll be there for me.

Love Captions For Instagram

  1. Love is a feeling you feel when you feel that you’re going to feel a feeling that you ve never felt before.
  2. I never expected to like you, but something in my heart won’t let you go, but all i want is to let go, because it’s never meant to be.
  3. The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen, and the memories you’ve made along the way.
  4. So tired of fighting for a love that I am not sure is even there anymore.
  5. Its amazing how someone can break ur heart, yet you love them with all the broken pieces.
  6. You’re my favorite place to go when my mind searches for peace.
  7. If i am a 🌹 flower then you are the butterfly 🦋 sitting on it.
  8. If you left me without a REASON, do not come back with an EXCUSE.
  9. Lives changes like the weather. I hope you remember today is never too late to be brand new.
  10. Real love is not based on romance, candlelight dinners and walks along the beach. It comprises of respect, compromise, care, and trust.
  11. Why is it that I’m constantly haunted by the memories of us… Is it possible that we meant more to each other than what I knew??
  12. Real love is not based on romance, candlelight dinners and walks along the beach. It comprises of respect, compromise, care, and trust.
  13. Hold my hand, and I’ll go anywhere with you.
  14. It’s not what I feel for you; It’s what I don’t feel for anyone but You.
  15. I love three things: The sun for the day, the moon for the night and you- FOREVER.
  16. You may never realize what a good thing you have that’s right in front of your eyes until it’s gone.
  17. You are like Autumn and I fall everytime•🍁🍂🍃
  18. Angel smile…. devil eyes…. What’s not to fall in love with?
  19. Fall is when I fall, but you will be in my heart forever
  20. Always smile because you don’t know who is falling for it!! <3
  21. True love does not have a happy ending, because true love never ends.
  22. A sweeter smile and a brighter day.
    Hope everything turns out great for you Today!!
  23. She knew she loved him when “home” went from being a place to being a person.
  24. I love you with all my heart but I need to admit that you can be such a Douchebag.
  25. I love him more than my teddy,
    I care him more than my dog,
    I owe him more than my parents,
    and I miss him more than anything,
    yes I do…
    Do u think I’m talking about my boyfriend.. nah that’s my brother? Love you bro….😊

Romantic Instagram Captions

  1. To my future partner please bear with me. I’m clingy af so you should get used to it, when I text you i’m expecting a reply within an hour, you can go wherever you want but please don’t let your phone battery die, i won’t promise forever but I will love you unconditionally.
  2. Stop wondering why they didn’t like you. Instead, spend the time learning how to start loving yourself more.
  3. We were both blind. You couldn’t see my love. I couldn’t see your indifference.
  4. “What’s love?” A feeling that either ruins a friendship or makes it stronger.
  5. He made her fall for him with all his sweet poison. the thought of losing her made him a liar.
  6. I wish you could have tried holding me instead like you are holding your ego.
  7. Relationships and understanding are buried under the concept of self-respect and ego. Digging over it is not at all possible.
  8. I never took you “I hate you” seriously and you never took my “I love you” seriously. Strange but true.
  9. When you know there is nothing, but there is always something.
  10. First time when I saw you, you smiled. When he touched you, you smiled. Both were killing me in its own way.
  11. Time is fast when life is easy but now it’s hard to pass both.
  12. If he doesn’t accept you in public, don’t allow him to do anything in private!
  13. And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars
  14. Some love one, some love two. I love one that is you
  15. Your cute smile is all I need to battle all struggles in my life.
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