Mordenkainen’s Tome Of Foes PDF Free Download 2020

Mordenkainen’s Tome Of Foes PDF Free Download 2020

Description of Mordenkainen’s Tome Of Foes

This is a very good book, the depiction given and the story has been very much in the design. The Wizard D & D team has given its complete contribution.

Discover the truth about the great conflicts of the D&D multiverse in this supplement for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

This tome is built on the writings of the renowned wizard from the world of Greyhawk, gathered over a lifetime of research and scholarship.

In his travels to other realms and other planes of existence, he has made many friends, and has risked his life an equal number of times, to amass the knowledge contained herein.

In addition to Mordenkainen’s musings on the endless wars of the multiverse, the pdf book contains game statistics for dozens of monsters; new demons and devils several varieties of elves and duergar, and a vast array of other creatures from through out the planes of existence.

Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes: The Newest D&D 5e PDF Book

The first half of Morderkainen’s Tome of Foes PDF is a mixture of history, some race variations for some races and a deeper delving into the way it all works, as well as a new playable race.

The history part does a lot to add some flavor to the tiefling class and subclass as it talks about the Blood war, which is essentially a back and forth battle of tug of war between demons and devils.

There is a lot to unpack there and reading it did spark some ideas in terms of how adventure might get pulled into one side or another at various times and stages.

Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

I don’t know that I would want to build a whole campaign around it personally but the idea that every so often the heroes get pulled into one side or another could be pretty compelling.

Around the same idea, you get some great ideas for how to build cults and who they would serve and how. The political intrigue angle could be an excellent one to explore and build some lore around.

If you are playing an elf, dwarf, halfling or gnome, there is some really great backstory information in terms of their deities and gods, how their societies exist and how to play into those.

And from those, we also get some playable races, including 3 elven variations and a dwarven and a gnome variation.

Most interesting is the addition of the Gith; their story of seeking to escape oppression from the mindflayers that ruled them and how their traits come out of that.

Struggle are very intresting to me and I love that you can play either a Githyanki, who have been focusing on battle and strength or a githzerai who have been focused on developing their minds.

The second half of Morderkainen’s Tome of Foes is a little easier to explain: it is an expansion of the monster Manual with a focus on some higher end monsters.

One of the things that the D&D team talked about openly is that they heard a cry in the community for some super high-level challenges for players and their parties.

What Happened In this Book

1. A Tome of Terrifying Foes: A treasure trove of high CR monsters, providing loads of new, high CR monster as well as republishing some particularly juicy enemies, such as Demogorgon from the out of the Abyss module.

Many of these creatures do not call the Material Plane their home and are plentiful on other planes.

The Feywild now has the Eladrin, the Shadowfell now has creatures based on negative emotions, Zariel the Archdevil makes an appearance, strange creatures known as Star Spawn, beings oft associated with Elder Evils or Great Old Ones, are also present, and many others are to be found.

Any DMs who are runnigs or intend to run high level campaigns, one shots, or contents in place other than the Material Plane will definitely love the creatures this book provides.

Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

2. A Tome Lore: Mordenkainen’s also expands upon lore elements present within 5E, such as the origins of evles, the inscrutable Raven Queen, the Blood War between friends, and other noteworthy pieces of 5E’S lore.

Thses bites of information and lore can easily serve as the basis for new campaigns, ways to add flavors to Devils, Fey and other creatures, and even grant perspective into elements previously established in other 5E supplements.


Ch. 1: The Blood War
Ch. 2: Elves
Ch. 3: Dwarves and Duergar
Ch. 4 : Gith and Their Endless War
Ch. 5: HaUl.ings and Gnomes
Ch. 6: Bestiary
– Appendix: Monster Lists

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